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28mm American Revolution Painting Project Continues

Perry 28mm AWI figs 20th foot

Perry 28mm AWI figs 20th foot Based for British Grenadier

Well it has been slow moving on the 28mm American Revolution Painting Project, but moving along none the less.  The picture above is the figures sitting on my kitchen table,  so I can use them as inspiration as I continue to work on more units.  Currently Im working on the 21st foot with the blue cuffs.

I have the 20th foot pretty much done, but need to add the flags and since I’m going to do my basing with static grass for the first time I just painted the bases green for now

The bases are done as listed in the British Grenadier rules suggestion.  I have the 21st foot moving along well, I have the coats, pants, boots, and flesh done. Hoping to finish them up and post a picture this month still and then move on the 9th foot.  Ill likely just add the photo to this post since it is a shorter one.

Im currently working on Hamilton’s Brigade for Freeman’s Farm, the scenario listed in the rulebook.  A friend of mine has the Americans all done, and is patiently waiting for me as I work on this miniature painting project.  I’m not a fast or a great painter, but I must admit, with a few skills being taught to me I am really enjoying painting 28mm Perry AWI figures.

feel free to drop a comment or two down below, ideas, thoughts etc…