American Revolutionary War Miniatures and More

American Revolutionay War 6mm Miniatures

American Revolutionary War 6mm Miniatures

Not a lot going on this week for actual games, but lots of good stuff in the hopper for the next couple weeks.  My good friend Ron Tallion and I have been enjoying the game Volley and Bayonet Road to Glory.  We have played some with American Civil War armies, but we both love the American Revolutionary War.  Ron based up some nice looking Baccus 6mm figures to do some solo playing while I worked on my ACW figs.

Anyway, I’m hoping to have a number of articles with some extra free time over the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday weekend, but I thought I would post up some eye candy by Ron.  He does a great job on his figs, he has even been able to teach me some tricks on painting them myself, so I actually enjoy it because my end product doesn’t look half bad.

Here is what he based up quick for playing around.  Still has the flags to add, but man they sure look nice Ron!!

Here is a close up view of some British artillery and some light infantry based for 2/3 scale Volley & Bayonet.

6mm Baccus AWI Figures painted by Ron Tallion

6mm Baccus AWI Figures painted by Ron Tallion

Some Cavalry based up, not much of that especially in the Northern battles, but we got to have some.

British Cavalry American Revolutionary War Miniatures

British Cavalry American Revolutionary War Miniatures

Closer View of the Same 6mm AWI Army

Closer View of the Same 6mm AWI Army

Anyway, I cant wait to do some battles of the American Revolutionary War with Volley and Bayonet.

Over the holiday weekend I’m going to do some Seven Years War using some figures I have based for Age of Reason at 15mm scale.  It will be a small battle with about 12-15 units per side, but boy I can hardly wait.  I’m also hoping to get in a game of Conflict of Heroes board game with a friend I just met online, using the Zun Tzu program that allows you to play online.  Ill try and do battle reports on both of course.

I need to find some time to continue to work on my Perry 28mm American Revolutionary War British that I’m painting as well.  Ron and I should be getting together for our second American Civil War battle around mid December as well, that is going to be a great time.

I’m toying with maybe doing a step by step painting guide of my next unit 0f 28mm British, but not sure it would be helpful to most painters. :)

till next time, Load!  Aim!  Fire!



  1. Hi Steve

    Those 6mm look very nice. I am in process of starting to paint up some 6mm ACW (been in a drawer for 15+ yrears !!) after my mates bought some Baccus 6mm at Warfare show. I do have lots of 6mm WWII but anything with fancy uniforms I fear to be beyond my skills at this scale.

    Look forward to your upcoming reports


  2. PS

    Let me know how you get on with the COH Zun Tsu program


  3. Steve Maul says:

    Played scenario 1 of Awakening the bear just a bit ago tonight and on turn 4 we were both tied, but I lost in turn 5, 9-6 I think. I got so excited to be playing again, I forgot to take any screen shots so Ill have to do that when we play scenario 2. It was great to be playing Conflict of Heroes again. If you ever care to get in a game online let me know, it was easy and Zun Tsu is free and we used skype so we could chat for free while we played as well. What a great time. Now I have to get a copy of Storms of Steel so I have all 3 East front games.

  4. Very nice painting on such small figures. For some time I played Warmaster, with its 10mm figs. I thought that was small enough. Don’t think I’d be brave enough to go 6mm.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Steve Maul says:

    Thanks, Ron does a great job, I haven’t seen a paint job of his I haven’t liked, if that is proper to say, LOL. Actually I think the smaller they get the easier, cuz you don’t need to worry about so much detail. That being said my favorite thing to paint lately is my 28mm British for the American Revolution and my 28mm War of the Ring figures. Stop back any time Scott.

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