Monopoly Deal Card Game, Not Your Old School Monopoly Game

Monopoly Deal Card Game

Monopoly Deal Card Game

Last Saturday night my wife and I got invited to a get together with some new friends of ours.  The group likes to play games (definitely my kind of group), but the plan for the night was just to see what came up.  After a little while someone said, “Would you guys like to try playing Monopoly Deal?”

Not usually a big fan of board games gone card game, I said yes, mostly because I didn’t want to be the buzz kill for the evening.

OK, so I was more than pleasantly surprised!!

It is a fairly fast-paced, card game where your luck can change in the play of a card.  Your goal is to collect 3 complete property sets before anyone else does, but look out! There are also cards like Debt collectors, Forced Deals and the dreaded Deal Breakers, which could change your fortunes at any time by stealing properties, the really nasty cards can take a full set right from you!

The nice thing is, it’s an ideal game for family game night since ages 8 and up can play. Even though it is a face paced card game and can change for or against you at any time, it is a great game for hanging out and socializing while you play.  How long does a game take to play you ask? We played 3 games, each one lasted about 30 minutes, so it’s not as long as the Monopoly board game, in case you were wondering. Its not a complicated game, but has lots of strategic possibilities, its the old “easy to learn, hard to master” kind of card game.

My wife and I bought a copy for our family within a couple days and this weekend we will be having some family game night fun playing Monopoly Deal.  Checking out the game online, I noticed a few other classics, that I’m going to have to consider; Scrabble Slam Cards, SORRY! Revenge Card Game, and Yahtzee Hands Down Card Game.

If you have tried those or Monopoly Deal and have any input, please leave us some info, Im always looking for feedback on what games to try or stay away from. :)

Top 5 Traditional Card Games of All Time.

Playing Cards

Playing Cards

Nobody can really say when card games started to become a favorite past time of Americans. Nonetheless, the fact remains that even during the Wild, Wild West era; the play of traditional card games has served our forefathers very well. Probably for several generations down the line, card games have become so popular that it has now become part of the American psyche.  Surely, the majority knows a card game or two.

Presented in this article are the top 5 traditional card games that are popularly played by hand and now online – to therefore enjoy a huge following with enthusiasts and in terms of online searches as well.

1. Spades. This card game is likely the most popular among traditional card games. Being simple and easy to understand, even beginners can enjoy the game. While this is one of the easiest to play, the card game is rather difficult to master in an attempt to play well. The game brings a lot of excitement, frustration, even for the defeated player.

A game of spades requires 4 players and 2 partner teams. In the course of the game, players develop a level of understanding and trust that fosters cooperation and commitment over time towards the objective of winning the game.

2. Hearts. The game of ‘hearts’ is mostly played by 4 players. Unlike Spades, no formal partnership is designated; though sometimes, helping each other out during the game in order to promote one’s interest is typical. The main thrust of the card game is to score the least number of points, as much as possible. Therefore in the course of passing cards, each player must prevent his opponent from scoring points. The game ends when one player goes over 100 points, while the player with the lowest number wins the game.

The card game uses a standard deck of 52 cards and conforms to the standard card ranking system. Regardless of suit, the Ace card and “value 2” card are assigned the highest and lowest ranks respectively. The heart is worth one penalty point while the queen of spades, 13 penalty points.

3. Solitaire. Solitaire is a game of patience, as it pits the player against himself in strategy, presence of mind, wits and perseverance just to complete a game. Variations for Solitaire card games are far reaching and some even place the number at 1,500. Said variation count represents so many rules and it is of course unimaginable for a player to be familiar with it all.  In most cases, solitaire enthusiasts settle to master a few game rules and enjoy the challenge it provides.

4. Bridge. The card game Bridge, also known as Contract Bridge or Rubber Bridge, was first played in the 1920’s. Following several decades, it became so popular in the United States to now occupy a level of high prestige among all the other traditional card games. In fact, Bridge is played more often and is also organized comprehensively when compared to other card games. The Bridge game competitions, tournaments and championships organized from around the world best manifests its status.

The card game is played by 2 teams where each team is composed of partners seated across each other. An auction that decides the declarer commences the game, and the game continues with players trying to outbid each other in the attempt to win the specified bid composed of a number of tricks and a trump suit (or none at all). The first team to score 100 or more points wins the game.

5. Canasta. A very popular card game that had its origins in Uruguay, Canasta hit US shores in 1949.  The term Canasta is Spanish for basket, presumably in reference to the card tray (basket) that holds the stock and discarded piles of cards.

Playing Canasta is not confined to 4 players. Five to 6 players can actually play the game.  Two standard deck of 52 cards are used to play the game for a total of 108 cards (inclusive of the 4 Jokers) that are shuffled together to form 1 single large deck.  The idea is to score as many points as possible by melding – or grouping 3 or more cards with single ranks, 2 natural and not more than 3 wild cards.

Card games are very enjoyable as the various forms of card games trains the mind to respond accordingly and the body to contain emotions while feeding the intelligence acceptance over the outcome of the game. Buy a deck of cards, or better yet play online today!

Some great books to learn about these card games and hundreds more!