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Our First Regimental Fire & Fury After Action Report Turns 4-6

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New years!!

After dealing with a way more hectic schedule and a battle with the flu for 3 days, I finally got around to processing turn 4.  This one is starting to heat up so I’m posting the confederate turn, followed shortly by the Union turn.  If you Haven t seen the first 3 turns, you can go to them here:  Regimental Fire & Fury Battle Report.

So without further delay, Confederate Turn 4:

Here was Ron’s orders for General Evans

18th MS, Extend line to the right and advance to engage Yankees to the front (1st CA)
17th MS, advance in line formation maintaining position relative to 17th MS
Comp MS Cos, Extend the line and move to engage 15th MA
VA Cav, form a skirmish line and engage reused flank of 15th MA
8th VA, extend the line and advance to engage 20th MA
Locate Evans to stay within command range of most units especially the CSA right.
No leaders to attach and detach so I went right to the roll, 1st I rolled the 4 Regiments in command.
I rolled a 10 so with the needing only an 8 or more for them to get a “Double Quick” result, they are more than happy.  I must say, since I’m trying to follow orders and since this turn Ron is issuing orders to engage, I did feel the stress of trying to execute those orders the best I could.  Very nerve raking in itself, funny but true.  This being the 1st time I am “seeing the elephant” using Regimental Fire & Fury, It makes for an interest turn, but you tell me. :)
The 18th and 17th MS were easy to do, I left the 17th MS in the woods for cover if they need it later, and far enough back to not be a “mass target”  (which I learned about later)The 17th MS, I moved up close, because there was not enough woods to give it protection, and I was ordered to engage and so not wanting to be court-martialed, I moved them up close to engage as ordered.
The Comp MS Cos and the 8th VA just didn’t have enough room to do what I wanted, most of the Comp MS Cos units movement was used in wheeling and I could only move 1/2 the distance with the 8th VA since I had to change formation so I wasn’t able to move up as much as I wanted to engage the 20th MA.  I am again going to blame this on 1st command gitters and trying to figure out what my superior commander wanted done.
The Cavalry unit was out of range and I rolled a 4 so even with the +2 fresh, got a tardy result.  So again, what should I do, move up into the trees mounted or dismount and wait (I could not change formation AND move)  Here is the final positions of the Confederates.  (all very much fun indeed)  :)
Turn 4 Opening Confederate Move

Turn 4 Opening Confederate Move

Rebel Far left with dismounted Cavalry

Rebel Far left with dismounted Cavalry

Next was the Union defensive fire, we have not had to do this yet so it was fun to see how it plays out.  First thing for the Union was that due to my guns moving along half speed a couple of times with Tardy results, they either had friendly troops in the way or no one in their firing arch, so neither of the Artillery units could fire.  :(

Allocating fire to the Confederates I decided to go with this
1st CA fired all its stands at the 18th MS (14 points worth)
15th MA Fired all its stands at the Comp MS Cos (some at long range so 8.5 points)
20th MA also fired all its stands at the Comp Ms Cos (but most at long range due to smoothbore muskets so only 9 points)  Both units combined gave a total of 17.5 fire points and we had enfilade on the Comp MS Cos!!
The 1st CA rolled a 8 +3FP -1 green, -1 target extended line totaled 10 (telling fire) so loss of 1 stand and disordered the 18th MS. (in the picture I show 2 lost but later found it was a -1 for the Rebels being in extended line)
The 15th and 20th MA rolled a 5 +4FP, -1 Green, +2 enfilade, -1 extended line, totaling 9, also telling fire, so loss of a stand and disordered.  I really missed some opportunities to wear down the Rebels.
As a bonus because of the position of the 8th VA being too close behind the Comp MS Cos, they suffered one level less on fire for being a Mass Target, and Galling fire caused it to become disordered.  (rookie mistake that wont happen again)
Union defensive fire

Union defensive fire

Union Defensive Fire 2nd Look

Union Defensive Fire 2nd Look

To wrap up the Confederate turn 4 they still had their return volley (no one charged so this would be it)  I put yellow beads by the units who are disordered (still working on making markers) and I put a casualty figure by the unit to show a stand lost, I like how it looks and shows where the battle is raging.  Anyway offensive fire for the Rebels was thus:

18th MS fired on the 1st CA with all its stands 10/2 = 5 so (-1FP)modifiers, rolled a 10 totaling a 9 so Telling fire, also low on Ammo due to the natural 10 (placed a white bead), and no Union commander was within 4″ of the target Regiment so no roll for a leader loss or that could have been trouble for the Union.

Comp MS Cos fired on the 15th MA 7/2=3.5 (-2FP) 0 modifiers, rolled a 3 so Desultory Fire, no effect. :(

8th VA fired on the 20th MA 3/2=1.5 (-4FP), 0 modifiers, rolled a 2 so Desultory Fire, no effect.  The disorder really hurt the attacker.  Hind site I think I should have not “panicked” and fired a volley from the woods, but orders are orders and I’m finding it very fun to try and figure out what Ron was hoping the commander on the field would do.  I look forward to his thoughts on if that was what he was looking at in his minds eye or if he had something different in mind.  It really does add a lot of fun to the situation.

Anyway, that is the end of the Confederate turn 4.  I’m hoping to get to the Union Turn 4 by the weekend if not this week.  Please feel free to comment folks. :)

Union Turn 4

Union orders were to hold all the Infantry units and get the artillery units moved so they have Line of Sight to Confederate Infantry attacking.  Remember the buildings do not block LOS as per the scenario rules.

No leader to attach or detach so I was ready to Roll, and I rolled a 6

1CA (disordered)  6, -1 Green=5 Rally With Elan
42NY                         6, -1 Green, -1 Prov. Command=4 Well Handled
20MA                        6, -1 Green, -1 Prov. Command=4 Well Handled
15MA                         6, -1 Green, -1 Prov. Command=4 Well Handled
B1RI Art                   6, -1 Green, -1 Prov. Command=4 Well Handled
2NY Mil Art            6, -1 Green, -1 Prov. Command=4 Well Handled

So for one of the first times, my guns could move the 2″ via the crew pushing them and Finally Get into position

Regimental Fire and Fury Union Turn 4 Movement

Union Turn 4 Movement

So, ready for the Confederate Fire phase

Comp MS Cos fires at the 15MA, 4FP=-1, rolled 1=0 No Effect
18MS fires at the 1CA, 5FP=-1, rolled 3=2 No Effect
8VA fires at the 20MA, 3FP=-2, rolled 7=5 Galling Fire, disordered the 20MA

Confederate Fire was not very effective, so they were going to need the North to shoot over their heads this round to give the Commander a chance to issue new orders and regroup.

Confederate Fire Phase

Confederate Fire Phase

Union Fire Phase was next

1CA and 2NY Battery fire at 18MS, 16FP=+4, -1 Green, -1 Target ext. Line, rolled 3=5 Galling Fire
15MA and B 1RI Battery fire at Comp MS Cos,  13FP=+3, -1 Green, -1 Target ext. Line, rolled 10=11 Withering Fire, this caused the Comp MS Cos to go to Worn condition, both Union units go Low on Ammo, and there was no leader loss check as no Rebel commander was within the 4″.  It also inflicted the next condition lower on the 8VA since they are a massed target being too close behind the Comp MS Cos, so also Telling Fire on the 8VA  I’m hoping to keep from being Court-Martialed when I get back to camp tonight, my positioning of the Confederate Brigade and lack of experience in command (my 1st game of this) has really caused an issue for the Rebels with bad placing.
20MA fires at 8VA,  4.5FP=-1, -1 Green, -1 Target ext. Line, rolled 1=-2 so No Effect

Devastating Union Fire on the Rebels

Devastating Union Fire on the Rebels

So the final positions at the end of turn 4 are listed below.  It will be interesting to see if the Confederate Commander can come up with something to save the bad positioning of the Rebel regiments (not his fault by any stretch of the imagination) :).  I feel the only mistake I have made in following my orders to this point, is getting the Confederate left in a massed target position, it may cause the attack to falter, but not all hope is lost.  One thing I have noticed is when using the D10 for results you can get some really extreme rolls, so one turn of low rolls for the North and really high rolls for the South could cause the Green union troops to fall back, opening up huge holes in the line.

Fire and Fury, end of turn 4

Fire and Fury, end of turn 4

Confederates turn, Turn 5, here was the orders I got from Ron:

move 18th MS as close as possible to the unit to its front (to fire with maximum bases possible
move 17th MS up behind 18th (maintain line formation
move comp MS as close as possible to 15 M ( to fire with as many bases as possible
move 8th VA as close as possible to 20MA (to fire with maximum number of bases
Move cav through the woods to fire on refused flank of 15M while staying in cover
Move Evans to a position to keep all units within command range. (probably not possible with the cav) For sure 17th and 18th MS need to be in command.

So the 18th MS, 17th MS, and 8th VA were all in command range, all are still fresh so they all get the +2, but the 18th MS, and the 8th VA are both disordered.  I rolled an 8, which becomes a 10 for all three units.  both disordered units Rally with Elan so they get a tardy move, and the 17th MS supporting the 18th got a double quick.

so following orders as best I could I moved the 3 confederate units up as close as I could and make sure to keep the 17th MS far enough back to not create a Mass Target.

Confederate Right Flank

Confederate Right Flank

The Comp MS Regiment and the Cavalry on the left were both out of command.  It would seem that the casualties and the bunching up of the Comp MS unit took it just out of command Range.

The Comp MS unit was worn so no positive modifiers, but no negative either, and the Cavalry unit is still fresh.  Unfortunately for the Comp MS, I rolled a 1 so Panic “retreat broken” and the Cavalry unit got a 3 with +2 for fresh so 5, causing it to be Tardy, and get a half move, but it was still able to move into a decent position.


Comp MS Regiment Breaks

Comp MS Regiment Breaks

Defensive fire was pretty straight forward now.  the 1st CA fired at the 18th MS 13 stands giving them a +3, -1 green, -1 for target in extended line, overall +1 rolled a 5, giving me 6, got Galling Fire, so disordered the 18th MS

all of these fired at the 8th VA
20th MA   9 stands disordered=4.515MA  only six stands could fire and low on ammo so 1.5
1st RI Light Art.  3 points, but only 1 gun so 1.5 points
2nd NY Mil Batt. 3 points for range on this battery

Total stands ended up only being 12 so +3 for FP, -1 green, -1 extended line overall +1 and just like above, rolled a 5 so equals a 6 Galling fire so disordered the 8th VA

The Jenifer Cav unit was out of the right flank of the 15th MA so that was it, no stands lost.  I really though the South would get pounded moving up so close, but the rolls were low enough and the green muskets must have overshot.

Ineffective Union Fire

Ineffective Union Fire

Next was the South, based on how the Union fire went, I was thinking this would be much the same, so pretty straight up firing this turn

18th MS fired at 1st CA, 10 stands 1/2 for disorder = -1 FP rolled a 9 = 8 so telling fire killing a stand and disordering the 1st CA
8th VA fires at 20th MA 7 stand,s but 1/2 for disordered = 2 FP, +1 buck & ball, rolled 1 = 0 so No Effect
Jenifer Cavalry at the 15th MA 2 stands – -3fp rolled a 4 = 1 so No Effect

Not much better but they did not out and disorder the 1st CA, the Union turn will be interesting because with the green troops and provisional command on man of them, one bad roll and the line will crack.

Rebel Fire Turn 5

Rebel Fire Turn 5

So Ready for Turn 6 for the Union to go, and like I said, one bad roll could make thing get ugly.  good rolls and the punch could be out of the Rebel attack.

Union and Confederate Positions end of turn 5

Union and Confederate Positions end of turn 5

Trying to give the table a little more of a diorama look, so using casualty figures to mark the hot spots.

Casualties Piling up (mostly for the Rebels)

Casualties Piling up (mostly for the Rebels)


Our First Regimental Fire & Fury After Action Report Turns 1-3

Well, life has been too busy with work and just life in general.  It has been way to long since I gave my gaming blog some love.  I have been working on my gaming stores online, on eBay, Amazon and soon to be my own URL, but I’ll save all that for another time.  So I thought of an idea I wanted to try and will be posting it here, and on my Facebook page on American Civil War Gaming.  One of the games I enjoy is Fire & Fury, and I have the newest version; Regimental Fire & Fury and thought it was about time I had a go at it.  but there is a slight problem.

A good friend of mine that I love to game with lives a little far for us to game more than about 6 times a year, especially up North here when the roads get slick with snow and ice.  So I had this idea that I would set up the game at my place and send him pictures of the map, troop locations, any other vital information, and wait for his orders, and then try and follow them to the best of my ability.  I also thought if I could find another player that was not at my location, I could basically be a moderator for both of them, provide actual Fog of war by only letting them know about and see the actual troops they would be able to see vs. they typical birds eye view we all have with miniature war games.

So anyway, this is going to be the first try at this.  Now since I have not played a game of Regimental Fire & Fury yet, and we have not tried this new format, the first game Ron (my friend) and I are going to play against each other, and work out the email and picture issues.  Once we have that figured out we will then bring in another player and try the double blind one on one with a brigade for each player.  With me just trying to follow both sides orders the best I can.  If that goes smooth and everyone is enjoying it, we will continue to expand it.  I would like to eventually run games where there is about 3 brigades per side along with a division commander (a separate player) who issues orders to his brigadiers, and makes decisions based on what he can see (where his figure is at on the table) and limited messages from couriers.

For the first battle, Ill be using the same OOB from Ball’s bluff in Regimental Fire & Fury, but I created a generic map with some stuff I had at home and put it on a 4×4 table that Ill list below.  I have added red & blue markers to the picture and you can click on it to make it larger if you prefer.

Fire & Fury Brigade Starting Positions

I do want to be careful and not violate anyone’s Intellectual property rights so Ill list the units involved but not all the detail in the RFF book.  Those of you who own a copy of the rules it is the same list as the ones on page 71 for the forces being used, but remember the map is different.


  • Commander Baker
  • 15th MA (16 stands)
  • 20th MA (9 stands)
  • 1st CA (14 stands)
  • 42nd NY (6 stands)
  • 2nd NY Mil Artillery (1 stand)
  • B 1st RI Lt Artillery (1 stand)
Commander Baker's Union Brigade

Commander Baker’s Union Brigade


  • Commander Evans
  • 8th VA (8 stands)
  • 17th MS (12 stands)
  • 18th MS (12 stands)
  • Comp MS Cos (8 stands)
  • Jenifer VA Cav (2 stands)
Commander Evans' Confederate Brigade

Commander Evans’ Confederate Brigade

Here is a picture now from the Union side and going from left to right the Union forces would be:  1st CA, B 1st RI Lt Artillery, 20th MA, 2nd NY Mil Artillery, 15th MA and in the back in reserve the 42nd NY

Union Starting Position

Union Starting Position

Here is a picture of the Confederates position at start, going from left to right in the front is Jenifer VA Cav, Comp MS Cos, 8th VA, 18th MS, and coming up in column with Evans leading the column the 17th MS.

Evan's Confederate Brigade Starting Postion

Evan’s Confederate Brigade Starting Position

Couple of Notes on the scenario:


Map: is 4×4
Woods:  Rated as broken ground, reduce line of sight to 4″, -1 for fire combat, -2 if extended line in woods, and a +1 if charged for favorable ground
Hills: Defender receives +2 vs attacker charging up a slope
Buildings: No effect on movement, combat or Line of sight
Fences:  Snake rail is considered broken ground, split rail along the roads is considered Rough Ground, units behind a fence get a +1 to maneuver checks, and only get a -2 when fired at if in extended line only, no other formation gets fire benefits behind a fence.

Game will be 13 turns long, Starting with the Rebel attack starting at 3pm and ending before twilight (6:15).  Victory conditions are the same as Ball’s bluff for casualties, but the only Key Position in our battle will be the cross roads so the burden will be on the Confederates to attack.

I think what Ill do is just add updates to the bottom of this post so it grows and then will be complete when done and see how that goes.

Here are the links to my Facebook Page for American Civil War Gaming and just click on the two following links and it will take you to my eBay store, if you would like a copy of Regimental Fire & Fury or the new Regimental Fire & Fury Civil War Battles Scenarios Volume 1: 1861-1862.

Thanks, and Ill update you when the next turn is ready (I figure about a week or so depending on pictures and turn around time for both players)

11-27-12 Turn 1 update:

Ok, well got some time to work on this, I think what I will do is do about 3-4 turns depending on how much is happening and then create a separate post after that so the articles don’t get too long.  As always, let me know what you guys think, like or dont like on the how I do the post, or any questions on game play as well.  It is suppose to be a learning experience for all of us. :)

This is not going to have historical flavor for now as much as be learn the rules and fine tune how I set up my reports for the players.

Commander Evans orders were as follows:

Pivot  VA cavalry to face the enemy line remaining behind woods.
Shift 8th VA to the left, leaving a gap for the 17th MS.
The 17th MS will change to a field column and advance to fill the gap between 8th Va and 18th MS.
 Keep all regiments behind the woods and forming a single front if that is possible.
So no leaders to replace so I went on to step 2 of the Maneuver phase
I measured 8″ from Evans since he was not attached to anyone, and the only units out of Command were the VA Cav and Comp MS Cos, so rolled for the units in command and got a 10, so they got the Double quick result and had no issues following the orders issued.   My next command roll was for the Comp MS Cos Unit and it got a 3, but with +2 for fresh the 5 gave it a Tardy result and it was able to hold the ground with no issues.  Final roll for the VA Cav, that was a 6+2 for fresh so 8, giving it a Well handled result and it swung into a little better position.  I was given no instructions on what to do with Evans so he stayed put.  All the Rebel Regiments are rated as Trained.
Click on the picture below once, then again to get a larger version and see the movement arrows better if you like
Confederate Turn 1 Maneuver Phase

Confederate Turn 1 Maneuver Phase

Due to Line of Sight (LOS) Issues, there was no Musketry & Cannonade Phase or Charge Phase.

Close up behind the main Confederate battle line

Close up behind the main Confederate battle line

Union Turn 1

Commander Bakers orders:

42nd NY to oblique to their left and move up toward the main line
1st CA & 20th MA move up to the turnpike and cross over and stay behind the 2nd fence line
RI LR Artillery move closer to the turnpike fence line
Move the 15th MA back up on the hill and start to line up with the turnpike creating a continues battle line.

For my command Roll, everyone was in command except the 42nd NY, so I first made my roll for the units in command

Command Roll was a 7, now the Union units are all Green, and the only one in direct command to Baker is the 1st CA, so all other units get the -1 for Provisional command, and a -1 for Green, this could be a problem later. :)

1st CA got a 7, -1, +2 = 8 so Double Quick
20th MA got a 7, -1, -1, +2 = 7 so Well Handled
B 1st RI Lt Artillery got a 7, -1, -1, +2 = 7 so Well Handled, special Rule for artillery, no limbers so they are allowed to move 2″ pushing the guns.
15th MA got a 7, -1, -1, +2 = 7 so Well Handled, wasn’t able to just shift over like I hoped so they followed the orders I gave and backed up and refused the flank again.
2nd NY Mil Artillery got a 7, -1, -1, +2 = 7 so Well Handled and held the line.

The out of Command 42nd NY, rolled a 9, -1, -1, +2=9 but on the out of command table was a well handled and moved up.

Union 1st Turn End of Movement.

Union 1st Turn End of Movement.

so as per the Confederate turn, there is no LOS so no firing or charges to resolve and now it goes back to Ron for Evan’s next set of orders, and the start of turn 2.

here is a final close up from behind the Union lines and in a small game like this not sure we need a final over all shot since we can see all the action in a couple of the pictures anyway.

Close up of the Middle of the Union Center

Close up of the Middle of the Union Center


End of turn 1 :) Stay tuned for Turn 2.

12-4-12 Turn 2 update

Ok, so got a chance to work on turn 2 tonight, so here we go:

Commander Evans’ Orders were as follows

  • Oblique 18th MS to the left and far enough forward to make room for 17th MS. I want the left of 18th  to line up with the right flank of  1 st CA.  18th shall remain in cover.
  • Position 17th MS left flank behind the left flank of 18th MS and form line to the right.
  • All other units are to hold their position.
  • Move Evans to a location in the woods to give him a roughly equal command radius to all the rebel infantry.

Ron also made some comments on playing from afar that I found interesting ”

It is harder to discern the exact position of my units than you might think. Lack of the third dimension is misleading, plenty of fog for me.”  As the game goes on I think you will all see what the benefit will be of future games, even on this small board, we have yet to make contact via LOS and both commanders would still be in the dark of where the enemy even was and how many. :)  I find that to be something that will be very fun when both players are at separate locations.  OK enough of my being a geek, and onto the turn.
Maneuver Phase
1.  No leader to attach or detach
2.  Units in Command of Evans are 8th VA, 17th MS, and the 18th MS so they make the first roll.  Evans got a 10 so Double quick for all those in command :)  The 17th and the 18th formed up and I’m not sure, but to me it would appear I’m in for an attack with support.  Not looking good really.  –Please fellas, focus on the fun of the process here, not my tactics :).  I still need to roll for the 2 units out of command, the Comp MS Cos, and Jenifer VA Cavalry, the Comp MS Cos got a 10 so they had no issue holding their ground and the Cavalry got a 7 so again, no issues holding.  Evans moves up to bring his entire Infantry force in command range.
Evans Forms up his Brigade

Evans Forms up his Brigade

Tried to give a little closer up shot of the main force of Infantry as they formed up.

No Musketry & Cannonade, and no Charge phase since we still have no line of sight.  The 18th MS is not on the “edge” of the woods and my understanding is that in Regimental Fire and Fury, you have to be within 4″ to be able to see into the woods since they are not on the “edge” but deeper inside, same with them, they can only see out to 4″ because of the woods.  First game so we are learning, and I wanted to point that out, any comments on that, let me know

Here is an overall shot from an angle behind the Confederate lines showing the position of troops at the end of the Confederate turn 2.

Rebel Position After End of Confederate Turn 2

Rebel Position After End of Confederate Turn 2. Still no LOS

Union Turn 2

Union Orders were as follows;

  • 1st CA Hold
  • 15th MA Move off the hill toward the fence line to it’s front
  • 20th MA Move up against the right flank of the 1st CA stay facing the fence line
  • B 1 RI Lt Art move to the right, staying behind the fence and forming on the right flank of the 20th MA
  • 42nd NY move up about 2/3 of the way and stay in support of the 1st CA
  • 2nd NY Art Hold
  • Baker was to keep as much of the brigade in command, making sure the 1st CA was in command for sure.

1.  No leaders to attach or detach
2.  So everyone was in command except the very large, but very Green 15th MA, so now for the big roll, and Baker got a 3

  • 1st CA  3, -1 (green) +2 (fresh) = 4 so Well handled and so they held
  • 42nd NY  3, -1 (provisional command), -1 (green), +2 (fresh) = 3 Tardy (half move) Moved up in support
  • B1 RI Art  3, -1 (provisional command), -1 (green), +2 (fresh) = 3 Tardy (half move) moved a whole inch :)
  • 20th MA  3, -1 (provisional command), -1 (green), +2 (fresh) = 3 Tardy (half move) moved to flank
  • 2nd NY Art  3, -1 (provisional command), -1 (green), +2 (fresh) = 3 Tardy (half move) held

15th MA was out of command and rolled a 9, so 9, -1 (provisional command), -1 (green), +2 (fresh) = 9, well handled so moved up to the Fence line and refused their right flank.

Union positions at the end of Union turn 2

Union positions at the end of Union turn 2

Again, still no Line of Sight (LOS) so no shooting or charging this turn either, so I leave you with a birds eye view off the battlefield showing all the units, and a couple of close ups, one from behind the main Union Units and one from behind the main Confederate infantry.

End of Turn 2, Union and Confederate Lines

End of Turn 2, Union and Confederate Lines

Close up Behind Union Lines and Looks like a future hot spot!!

Close up Behind Union Lines and Looks like a future hot spot!!

Close Up Behind the Main Rebel Force in the Woods

Close Up Behind the Main Rebel Force in the Woods

end of turn 2

12-12-12 Turn 3 update

Ok, this will be the final turn on this post, so next turn Ill put a link on here going to the next few turns.  This turn didnt have a lot going on so I thought I would update it as we move closer to General Evans and General Baker getting into their first engagement.

Evans’ orders

Comp MS Cos is to move forward so as to make room for 8 VA while staying in the woods
8 VA is to shift to the left and line up behind Comp MS Cos
All other units are to hold position
No Leaders to attach and detach so this turn there would be 2 command roles, 1 for all the units in command and 1 roll for the only Rebel unit out of command the Jenifer VA Cav unit.
In command Roll was a 6, all units got a +2 for fresh and no negative modifiers so an 8 in command is Double quick, so the Comp MS Cos and the 8 VA followed orders while the rest of the Infantry Held.
The out of command Jenifer VA Cav rolled a 8 +2 for fresh so 10 out of command “well handled” and held their position.  Here is the close up with some movement arrows and a shot from the back left of the Confederate side.  Oh yeah, and if you are wondering the woods look a little more dense, yes they do.  A friend of mine found his lost tubs of trees and brought them over to fill out our woods better :)
Still no LOS as the Confederates take there time to organize for the attack.
Confederate Turn 3 Move Regimental Fire & Fury

Confederate Turn 3 Move

End of Confederate Turn 3

End of Confederate Turn 3

Union Turn 3

Not much going on for the Union.  I ordered both Guns to move and everyone else to hold.  All the Union units are in command so the modifiers or everyone except the 1st CA are -1 provisional command, -1 Green, +2 fresh, the 1st CA doesn’t have the -1 for provisional command.  No leader to attach or detach, so I rolled a 3.  Good thing not much is going on yet. :)

So everyone got a 3 (Tardy) and the 1st CA is one better so a 4 (Well Handled)  So both guns moved 1 inch and no fire or melee phase.  So other than lots of trees, the union side looks pretty much the same, but Ill load up a couple of shots.

Slight Union Move Turn 3

Slight Union Move Turn 3

End of Union Turn 3

End of Union Turn 3

On to Turn 4.

28mm American Revolution Painting Project Continues

Perry 28mm AWI figs 20th foot

Perry 28mm AWI figs 20th foot Based for British Grenadier

Well it has been slow moving on the 28mm American Revolution Painting Project, but moving along none the less.  The picture above is the figures sitting on my kitchen table,  so I can use them as inspiration as I continue to work on more units.  Currently Im working on the 21st foot with the blue cuffs.

I have the 20th foot pretty much done, but need to add the flags and since I’m going to do my basing with static grass for the first time I just painted the bases green for now

The bases are done as listed in the British Grenadier rules suggestion.  I have the 21st foot moving along well, I have the coats, pants, boots, and flesh done. Hoping to finish them up and post a picture this month still and then move on the 9th foot.  Ill likely just add the photo to this post since it is a shorter one.

Im currently working on Hamilton’s Brigade for Freeman’s Farm, the scenario listed in the rulebook.  A friend of mine has the Americans all done, and is patiently waiting for me as I work on this miniature painting project.  I’m not a fast or a great painter, but I must admit, with a few skills being taught to me I am really enjoying painting 28mm Perry AWI figures.

feel free to drop a comment or two down below, ideas, thoughts etc…