Creating Command Stands for the Fire & Fury American Civil War Game

Well, we had our first game of Fire & Fury for the American Civil War in years over this weekend.  Before I could get started though, I had to create some stands with flags (standard bearers) on them.  So I thought I would put up a quick little post on how I did it and share a technique that I have that is very simple and gives a pretty good result.

First off the tools you will need, assuming all the ACW figs are painted and ready to go.

  • modeling blade
  • sheet of labels
  • access to an inkjet or laser printer
  • good light source

So anyway, first thing you would want to do is download some graphics for your flags, and the best place to get them for absolutely free AND awesome quality is   He has great instructions on there how to download, and resize them depending on the scale you are playing.

Then you would want to print them out on the label sheet, I happen to have some old FedEx shipping labels, but you can get labels that cover 2 per sheet, this works best so you don’t have to try an align the flags on the paper to hard.  I print them in the paint program on windows right after I resize them as per the instruction on  after you print them out then just use the modeling blade to cut them out one at a time. (see below)

American Civil War 15mm Flags

American Civil War 15mm Flags

Once you cut the flag out, then you peel the back off, so now the sticky part is exposed and fold it back so both ends match up.  Best way to separate the back from the sticker is carefully use the modeling blade and get the sharp edge between the two parts, I like to use the very point.  Make sure and leave a little loop on the end that is going to go over the flag pool.  In my picture it is a little bigger than you need, but it’s so you can see it easily in the picture.

Making a loop on the flag

Making a loop on the flag

After that you just slip it over the flag pole and push it tight with your fingers all the way up to the pole….

Attaching the flag to the stand

Attaching the flag to the stand

Not done yet, because now you have a nice little flag but it looks stiff as a board…..

Flag that needs some molding

Flag that needs some molding

So what I use is just my fingers, but you can also wrap the little flag around a paintbrush handle or something small and circular to give it the look of it waving in the wind and your Civil War troops are ready to fight for the Union or States rights!

Union & Confederates Ready for Battle

Union & Confederates Ready for Battle

Got any good ideas on making flags for your Civil War troops?  Give me a shout, Id love to hear your ideas, and I’m sure others would as well.  Hopefully later this week, Ill have a little report on how are play test scenario went between the blue and the gray.


  1. Hi Steve

    Have you seen/tried the new F&F Regimental rules ?
    I dont have any ACW myself (well not painted anyhow !) but have played several games. Statred with Johnny Reb but we then used Fire & Fury but find that it needs BIG numbers of units to work well.

    Is your ACW 15 or 25mm ?


  2. Steve Maul says:

    I just got a copy last week. I have only been able to quick read a few parts of it, but it seems much better than original Fire & Fury. Right now Ron and I are trying out both Fire & Fury, and Fire & Fury Regimental, this Weekend, I’m driving up to his house to play Volley & Bayonet (I have the new copy on the way “Road to Glory”). and we also are in the process of building Johnny Reb III units for the Salem’s Church Scenario that is free online. Ive been playing Johnny Reb II for a long time, switched to 3 and re-based but haven’t played much yet.

    We play in 15mm and yeah, I would agree, Fire & Fury really needs a lot of figs vs Johnny Reb III. Both of us were a little dissatisfied with how regular F&F plays, so I’m hoping that the changes in Regimental F&F fix some of that. Seems like Regimental F&F is a fixed version of regular F&F, IMHO.

    what have you been gaming lately?

  3. Hi Steve

    My mate and his brother are big into ACW (several battlefield tours completed) and hope to try F&F Regt at some point. Used to play JRII in 6mm many moons ago. Tried JRIII a few months ago and we thought it was great for detail/flavour but rather slow/ponderous compared to more modern rules.

    Have been playing lots of different stuff lately including Dbmm, FOG and FOG Renn (which I like alot) am contemplating getting into Napoleonics using LaSalle rules but thats a long term project.
    Still dabbling with Malburian (really need to settle on a ruleset) and hoping to get back into my first true love WWII.

    So many things so little time :-)


  4. Steve Maul says:

    “So many things so little time” oh man are you right on that. LOL. I do some Age of Reason for Seven Years War as well, haven’t gamed that in a long while though. I really enjoy Field of Glory as well. Im hoping to do a review and after action report on Battlefront WWII later on, a good friend of mine and I play that and it has been a while. I have Russians, Americans and Japanese troops, he has Germans and British. It is a great set of rules for WWII gaming.

  5. I have Battlefront WWII and whilst I liked the cards etc I never really took the rules (love the site though with all those scenerios). My favoured set for 15mm games is Battlegroup Panzer Grenadier and for 6mm I still love Spearhead but have dabbled with Blitzkrieg Commander a bit.

    Am a bit of a rules junkie if I am truthful always looking for that elusive ‘perfect’ set :-)


  6. Re SYW I started out with Age Of Reason but then used Piquet and lately we have been using Might And Reason. Tried the new Blackpowder set but nothing special IMHO

  7. Started out in SYW with Age Of Reason then played Piquet for a long period and we have lately been torn been two excellent fast play sets, Might & Reason and Piquet Field Of Battle. Also tried Blackpowder but not overly impressed.

    Have Battlefront WWII but to honest never really played much. I like Battlegroup Panzer Grenadier (now in 2d edition) by Dave Brown of General De Brigade fame. Use 15mm for this. For 6mm I like Spearhead (used Command Decision for years before this appeared) and dabbled a bit with GHQ Micro Armor set and Blitzkrieg Commander.

    Am bit of a rules junkie having far more sets in all periods than I could every learn/play not counting the numerous board wargames. Bit like the ever growing lead mountain I will never paint in my own lifetime !

    Tis the wargamers disease :-)


  8. Hi

    We started out in SYW with Age Of Reason then played Piquet Cartouche and Field Of Battle (which we like) but find Might & Reason hard to better. Tried BLackpowder but not really our cup of tea.
    I have Battlefront WWII but not played much. We use 15mm kit with Battlegroup PzGrenadier rules (by Dave Brown of General De Brigade fame) and 6mm with Spearhead or Blitzkrieg Commander (after years with Command Decision.

    I confess to being a rules junkie always on look out for that elusive ‘perfect’ set…………

    Also as years have gone by I seem to be settling for faster play streamlined systems than the older mega detail sets of my mispent youth :-)


  9. Steve Maul says:

    Id have to say I have settled on Battlefront WWII, but got to keep it around a company or supported company level at most or for me it bogs down. I played the original BKC, I guess they redid some of it, but the command system didn’t work for me. Early war Russians just sat turn after turn, we played it for a year +, probably about 20 games and the Russians had 1 draw, the rest losses.

    Some say that is historical, which it is not, maybe the high command had issues, but the Russians did pretty good in a fight, they dont in BKC. My other argument is that in a “GAME” both should have a chance to win anyway, regardless of historical debate, but that is just my 2 cents, and I haven’t played the new version of BKC either.

  10. Steve Maul says:

    I havent played much SYW lately, no opponents in the area that are real interested that I am aware of.

  11. Steve Maul says:

    I would be similar, I like to try different rules mechanics now and then. I do like to stick with a main set of rules or two so I dont have to be learning new stuff all the time, but again, I get a little ADD now and then and try different rule sets as well. Ron and I had a great American Civil War game of Volley & Bayonet this weekend, that Im hoping to put pictures up and a little report on.

    We decided to switch right away to the new Road to Glory (volley & bayonet 2nd edition) and hopefully the American Civil War supplement will come out soon. It has a great little battle generator in the rules that looks like lots of fun.

    Ron has a bunch of 6mm American Revolution figures, and is basing them up for the linear stands, that looks like that will be a awesome time, so we have some good war games lined up for the near future. :)

  12. Steve Maul says:

    yeah, I like great rules, but I must admit, simple systems are attractive, trying to balance family, gaming, work and other responsibilities, I really like a game you can play in about 3-5 hours at most. Like I love Johnny Reb III, so if I play it I have to keep it small or it gets to long. That to me is the hardest part with gamers, we all want to take a game and have these massive battles that the rules were not really written for unless you have 3-5 guys on a side that all know the rules well.

    At least that is how it seems to be here in the upper midwest.

  13. Hi Steve

    Sorry about the duplicate posts each time I posted it said ‘failure’ hence several variations on same theme ! bet you thought whats this bloke on ?? :-)


  14. Steve Maul says:

    Not a problem, I figured something was up. :)

  15. super fun games says:

    I like the Fire & Fury American Civil War Game

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