A World at War North Africa scenario

A World at War North Africa scenario


  1. Jesse LeBreton says:


    Bought this game when it first came out as well as Advanced Third Reich. Had to sell after holding on to them for several years due to no willing opponents. It’s so dang hard to find a serious wargamer in my area:((

  2. Steve Maul says:

    I love this game. I have played North Africa a couple times, East Front once, and the full campaign for Europe one time as Axis. Have you tried the warplanner software so you can play by email? It is completely free, there is also a yahoo group for it. Check it out, it looks just like the game and comes with the rules and everything. http://www.warplanner.com/

    Nothing beats face to face game play but if you cant find an opponent this is a great 2nd plan. Let me know what you think.

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