So what is this war gaming thing about?

So you want to know more about war gaming?

First I think it’s only fair to tell you that even though I love pretty much all kinds of games, war gaming is by far my favorite kind of gaming.  I tell you that so you know, I am more than biased about war gaming.

For the most parts you have 2 varieties, board war games, and miniature war games.

Board war games are usually played on a hex board, sometimes they are played on a map separated into territories. It will usually involve pieces called counters or markers; like the first picture, A world at War board game. Sometimes it might have a small figure to represent something like infantry, or tanks or cavalry, things like that, like you see in the second picture of the Battle Cry board game.  Board games can be fairly inexpensive but can get to be up to $100+, especially the fancier ones with little plastic figures/counters.

A World at War by GMT

Battle Cry board game

Miniatures war gaming as you can guess is played with miniature figures, on a table covered with a cloth or something to represent the battlefield and is covered with terrain pieces (hills, trees, buildings etc…) depending on what period you are gaming and the environment.  Miniature gaming can get fairly expensive if you are going to build large armies, but you should be able to start small and add on as you go.

Early War Russian Front WWII Miniature War Game

So what is better?  Miniatures or board games?  Well the answer is, both. :)  sorry, but it really is.  I have and play both, and sometimes you just want to sit at the kitchen table and battle it out.  Other times you want to see large armies of miniatures sweeping across the table in your favorite period.

American Civil War Miniatures Game: Bufford at Gettysburg

I’m hoping with this website to review and go over many of the games I play (board and miniature).  I don’t want to just offer the fluff either.  Ill be honest on which games I love, and which games I don’t like, and tell you why as well.


  1. This looks interesting. I am curious what games are being displayed here. What about those Rebels you are always talking about?

  2. A World at War board game, (which rocks by the way) Battle Cry, Blitzkrieg Commander (we now play Battlefront WWII) and Johnny Reb III.

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