Top 3 Considerations when Buying Your First Chess Board

Glass Chessmen

Glass Chessmen

Buying that first chess board or chess set may appear overwhelming considering that the choice of a chessboard would depend on different factors. These may include the size of the chessboard or the make of the chess pieces. It could also be a choice between utility and artistry. Here are a few tips to help you in the initial purchase of a chess set.

Match the chess set to your purpose. Boxed sets that come bundled with polymer pieces will work well with beginner chess players. Meanwhile, enthusiasts who only play chess for recreation would likely be content with a discounted or travel chess board. Investing in a tournament chess set follows once the beginner steps up to intermediate and expert level. However if the intent is for decorative purposes as well, then you need to shop for chess pieces and a board that meets your fancy.

Determine the function of chess pieces. Chess pieces can be purchased separately from the chess board. Try to look into varied designs and choose one that appeals most to your senses and budget. Molded plastic pieces are usually cheaper while pieces handcrafted from marble, granite, glass and hard wood are usually pricey. If you want to make a statement, then go for handcrafted pieces. If you’re after the game itself, it would be wise to get the more practical type of pieces.

Now if you intend to use the pieces for a tournament chess game later on then make sure that base dimensions conform to tournament guidelines. Consider also the availability of a replacement, particularly when buying custom pieces.

Get a matching chess board to go with your pieces. The beginner chess player should know that the size of the chess board is dependent on the diameter of the king’s base. After all, said piece has the widest base diameter. Official chess tournament rules mandate the base diameter of the king to be not more than 78% the diameter of the square. To simplify the rigid guideline, just make sure not to get a chess board with squares that are similar in dimension to the base of the king. Instead, secure one with squares that allocates ample space around the base of the king.

In terms of aesthetics, the shade of the board is a good purchase starting point. Remember to select a board that is not glossy since its luster can strain the eyes. A single chess game could last from several minutes to a few hours and staring on the board for that length in time would not be healthy to the eyes. Glare influences the player’s mood; spoiling concentration and affecting the outcome of the game.

Remember that the selection of a chess set is really a personal choice. But whatever your considerations or priorities may be in the purchase of your first chess board, consider the tips outlined in this article as your choice could spell the difference between the comfortable and enthusiastic play of a chess game, and perhaps the lack of it.

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